Pennsylvania American Water service line material inventory

Starting next week, Pennsylvania American Water customers whose service line material is unknown will be sent a postcard (attached) with information on how to participate in a vital identification effort.

Customers can respond on the website featured on the postcard or by calling the number provided directly to the company’s project management firm, Greeley and Hansen. As part of this survey, customers will be asked to answer a few questions about their water service line and upload a photo of their service line material, if possible.

Determining what material every customer’s service line is made of – including the lines owned by them and not just by us – is a massive undertaking. We’re asking our customers to take this request seriously and respond so we can act accordingly. We ask for your help in getting the word out to your community.

The next phase of this project will be for Greeley and Hansen employees to visit your community in person and work directly with your community members at their homes to determine their lead service line material (if they did not respond to the survey).

You will be notified in advance of their arrival in your community. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to share the attachments with your community.  If you have any questions, please let me know.