Valley Township Police Department

Brian A. Newhall, Chief

890 W. Lincoln Hwy., Coatesville, PA 19320
Fax: 610-384-1796 


Valley Township welcomes ….The Honorable Judge Grover Koon administered the oath of office to Jennifer Schreiber at the Board of Supervisors’ meeting of September 17, 2019, who joins the Valley Township Police Department as a part-time police officer.  Officer Schreiber is also an Emergency Medical Technical Crew Chief for the Washington Hose Company No. 1 EMS.  

Mission Statement

As Law Enforcement Officers, we are governed by the law, policy, and procedure. We are guided by our values, and we are tasked with the following missions: The protect all people, their property, and the environment. To stand in harm's way. To defend the innocent or weak, and to prosecute those who commit crimes against them. To speak for those who can't speak for themselves. To make our streets and roads as safe as possible. To educate our community on how to safe guard themselves. To be good members of our community, and to always do the right thing.

Values Statement

As Law Enforcement Officers, we are governed by the law, policy, and procedure. We are guided by our values. Our simple values are: The fair and equal treatment of all people, normal citizens, and those who have been arrested. Being respectful to all people. Not judging people based on their race, sex, color, creed, religious affiliation, economic status, sexual orientation, or any other factor that does not come into conflict with the law, or the rights of others. Being part of the community. Doing the right thing. Being held to the highest of standards. Being professional Law Enforcement Officers.

Vision Statement

Through innovative thinking and goal setting, we are committed to delivering unparalleled service to our community. We will continue to strengthen community relationships and public trust while striving for excellence through employee development, self-discipline, and strong leadership.

The Valley Township Police Department has five full-time officers and six part-time officers. The police department is a 24-hour department and responds to service calls 24 hours a day. (click photo below to enlarge)

The police department offers crime prevention and home security advice, assistance with forming town watch groups and informational drug talks to youth organizations. The police department welcomes any comments or suggestions that the community may have to improve the policing in our township.

Town Watch meets the last Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the Township building. If you are interested in Town Watch, please stop by to one of the monthly meetings.

Animal Control

It is unlawful for any person to permit any animal to run at-large upon any public thoroughfare, upon any public ground or to run at-large on any private property other than that of the owner. It is further unlawful to permit any animal on Township Park property except as posted.

Owners are responsible for immediately removing and disposing of all animal excreta from any public property or any private property other than that of the animal's owner.

Stray animals should be safely contained if possible until the arrival of the Police or Animal Control Officer. Please contact the Valley Township Police Department to report a stray at 610 383-7000.

Motion detectors are available at the Township Office for $6.00 Smoke detectors are available, one per household, free of charge.

Bus Stop Parking Safety

Valley Township police officers are on the lookout for parents who park illegally at school bus stops in the Township.  An officer recently observed an individual parking dangerously close to an intersection while waiting for a school bus to arrive.  Contributing to the safety problem are limited visibility and a tight turning radius which are created by illegally parked vehicles. These hazards could cause a problem for vehicles that are approaching stop signs and/or intersections.

To help keep the bus stops in Valley Township as safe as possible, the police department is releasing a reminder for parents to keep a safe distance from intersections while parked at school bus stops. According to Pennsylvania vehicle law, a person may not stand or park a vehicle within 30 feet on the approach to any flashing signal, stop sign, yield sign, or traffic control signal located at the side of a roadway.  Violators could be cited.

Valley Township officers will continue to patrol the school bus stops in the area in an effort to limit risks to children.


For non-emergency 

call 610-383-7000


If you have an emergency or would like to see a police officer, you may dial 911 or 610-383-7000. If you would like to leave a message for an officer, should have any questions about any of our police services, need a copy of a report, or are going away, please feel free to call 610-384-5751, ext. 19.



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