Westwood Fire Company

1403 Valley Road, Coatesville, PA 19320

The Westwood Fire Company serves the entire Township with fire, rescue and emergency medical services on a 100% volunteer basis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In areas that are outlying portions of the Township, assistance from mutual aid fire companies is sought. You may also see Sadsburyville, Wagontown or Pomeroy Fire Companies responding to a call with Westwood if there is a large scale emergency.

The fire company has approximately 35 volunteers currently and is always looking for more. Various duties such as administrative work, fundraising, firefighting, emergency medical care, and much more are just a sample of what the fire company does to protect the community. Do you thin you have what it takes? The fire company currently houses eight pieces of emergency apparatus for use on various calls. They are currently the only fire company in Chester County to have two tanker trucks to haul water to the scene of a fire when hydrants are not available. The company also has a Mini-Pumper "Attack" truck, a brush truck for handling off-road fires, a traffic control unit, and two basic life support ambulances. Each year, the Fire/Rescue division will respond to an average of 400 calls for service.

The Ambulance Service at the Westwood Fire Company celebrated 10 years of service to the community on November 16, 2010. Since the time that Westwood started providing Basic Life Support services to the community, they have responded to nearly 7,000 medical calls. It is anticipated that they will respond to nearly 850 in 2011. In January of 2011, Westwood Ambulance hired their first ever career personnel to assist in providing coverage for medical emergencies in the times when the volunteer baseis lacking. The new, paid staff will cover 40 hours per week; the remainder will be supported by volunteers tomaintain 24/7 coverage. Currently, there are 14 active Emergency Medical Technicians.

In 2010, Westwood took delivery of a brand new 2010 Ford/Braun ambulance. The ambulance division also operates a 2003 Ford/Braun ambulance and a 2007 EMS command vehicle.

Each year you will see two letters in the mail from the fire company requesting donations for operating expenses. One is from the Fire/Rescue division and the other from the Ambulance division, usually distributed at different times of the year. It is important to realize that the benefit of having an all volunteer organization such as this saves many taxpayer dollars. Currently, most of the funding for the Westwood Fire Company's apparatus, operating expenses, utility bills, building maintenance and general funding is obtained by fundraising. The next time you see a car wash, Bingo fundraiser or donation letter in the mail, please remember this! It is your donations that allow the company to operate as a cost-effective service of the community.

The Westwood Fire Company is very active in Community Relations and Fire Prevention. Each year, a presentation is given at local schools teaching students the importance of fire safety. If you would like to schedule the fire company to come to your child's birthday party or block party to display the fire trucks or speak on fire prevention, please contact the Fire Chief.


If you have an interest in joining the Westwood Fire Company, would like a tour, or have any general questions, please contact the station at one of the contact numbers listed above. Visit Westwood Fire Company website at the following link: www.westwoodfire.com

Fire Department 
Fire Chief -Mike McWilliams
President - John Sly 
EMS Chief - Bill Dill
Fire Police
Jason Fryberger
Fire Marshall - Mike McWilliams
Emergency Management Coordinator - Joe Sciandra

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