DEP Stormwater Program

Valley Township Stormwater Ordinance

Valley Township Stormwater Ordinance #2013-06

Regulated Activities with less than two thousand (2,000) square feet of Proposed Impervious Surfaces AND less than five thousand (5,000) square feet of proposed Earth Disturance may use the modified requirements presented in the "Simplified Approach to Stormwater Management for Small Projects" in Appendix A. The Simplified Approach has been developed to allow applicants for small projects to comply with the Township's Stormwater Management Ordinance with reduced submission requirements. Appendix A includes instructions and procedures for preparation, submittal, review and approval of documents when using the Simplified Approach.

Small Project Appendix

Any Regulated Activity that is to take place incrementally or in phases, or occurs in sequential projects on the same parcel or property, shall be subject to regulation by this Ordinance if the cumulative Proposed Impervious Surface or Earth Disturbance exceeds the corresponding threshold for exemption (1,000 s.f. additional Impervious Surfaces or 5,000 s.f. Earth Disturbance). The date of adoption of this Ordinance, December 30, 2013, shall be the starting point from which to consider tracts as parent tracts relative to future subdivisions, and from which Impervious Surface and Earth Disturbance computations shall be cumulatively considered. For example, if an Applicant proposes construction of a 600 square foot garage, that project would be exempted from the requirements of this Ordinance. If, at a later date, an Applicant proposes to construct a 900 foot square foot room addition on the same property, the Applicant would then be requied to implement the stormwater management and plan submission requirements of this Ordinance for the cumulative total of 1,500 square feet of additional impervious surface added to the property since adoption of this Ordinance.



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