Valley Township Code Enforcement

Codes & Zoning Officer/Building Inspector:

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1145 West Lincoln Highway, Coatesville, PA 19320
Phone: 610-384-5751 Ext. 401, Fax: 610-384-2746

Kathy Jeffers, Code Secretary

Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm - Monday - Friday

Home Improvements and Additions

If you are considering home improvements such as a new swimming pool, a fence or accessory storage building, etc. many projects will require a permit before work proceeds.

Building/Zoning permits are needed for, but not limited to: additions, decks, patios, pools, sheds, fences, garages and driveways. The Codes/Zoning Officer is required to approve a building plan if you are going to add or enlarge a patio or erect or place a storage building on your property. Certain set backs and constraints would apply to this permit.

If a swimming pool is planned, you will need a permit. All pools exceeding a two (2') foot depth, whether permanent or temporary, require permits.

The cost of a permit is nominal and could avoid significant cost that may be incurred if ordinances are ignored. In addition, penalty provisions apply to all construction which proceeds without the proper permit(s) and inspections. Zoning, construction, and public health codes are enforced for the welfare of the entire community. Prior to starting any project, call the Codes Department to find out what permits are required.

Public water and sewage are availble to Valley Township residents.

You cannot demolish any building for commercial development withut notifying DEP. Notification form can be obtained at: - Go to: Asbestos.

Questions? Call 484-250-5920. For more information on the Asbestos Program,

Notification Form, etc., please reference the following:

Asbestos Program Information for Contractors Working in Pennsylvania


Valley Township utilizes the PA UCC Building Code. Permits are issued by appointment after a plan review has been completed.

UCC Permit fee is now $4.50, as per Act 36 of 2017



  1. Valley Township is not endorsing or recommending any of the plumbers on the list.  This is merely a list of plumbers that are already registered.
  2. Residents are not limited to using the plumbers on the list.
  3. If a Resident chooses to hire a plumber that is not on the list, that Plumber must complete the registration process.


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